Selling Business is Our Only Business!


Here at G.S Russell we have a very unique and effective selling process. The steps to this process include...

Sign Listing Agreement

  • Sign Listing Agreement.
  • Broker Advertises Your Business in the Classifieds and on Web Sites.
  • Interested Buyers Call or Email Brokers Office. No Identifying Information is Given Over the Phone or Via Email.
  • Broker meets with Buyer and “Educates” the Buyer about the small business buying process. Buyer signs Confidentiality Agreement. Broker gives information about your business to buyer.

business visit

  • 5Buyer visits your business, if possible, posing as a customer. Buyer will not seek you out or discuss your business sale with your employees.
  • 6Broker will call you to set up a “Buyer/Seller” meeting at a time when it will be convenient to meet at your place of business.
  • 7You meet with the Buyer and Broker and discuss your business. You answer the Buyer’s questions and show the Buyer how your business operates. Price and terms are not discussed at this meeting.
  • 8The Buyer submits his first “Offer to Purchase” and places a good faith deposit with the Broker.

sell business

  • 9The Broker handles the negotiations between you and the Buyer, resulting in a contract to purchase.
  • 10The Buyer performs necessary Due Diligence.
  • 11 Broker arranges for the closing documents to be prepared.
  • 12Closing held and training of the new owner begins.

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